Every lesson is locked and asks me to upgrade to pro

(Isitangie) #1


I started using memrise yesterday after it got recommended. I have been told that it is free, also it says on the web that pro is not needed for using it. Pro will only give you “special” things such as deeper understanding and such.
After making it past level 1, all the other levels have locks on them. I cannot access the rest of the levels and the “upgrade to pro” bubble pops up wherever I click. I have been searching through and read different forums and a lot of people have the same problem, but memrise has not done anything to fix it.

(Fronika) #2

Can you start learning a course on the Net and then open it on your 'phone?

(Isitangie) #3

yes, that is the strange thing. when I open memrise and start a new lesson, it does not have a lock on it and lets me do the entire lesson. after I have finished the lesson I can do it again on my phone. the lesson then turns yellow/golden but still has a lock on it. I can review the words from the lessons I finished on my computer, but not start a new lesson.

(Fronika) #4

:frowning: That’s so annoying. I don’t know what else to suggest to you. Perhaps someone else will have an idea.

(Thomas Heiss) #5

If this is an IOS issue: Drop the IOS app.

If this is also an Android issue: Down-grade to a previous / older app version.

(Thomas Heiss) #6

Hi @isitangie

Which course? Can you please link it from the www.memrise.com web portal?

I can re-try it for your specific course with the Android app v2.9_3947 on an Android emulator software (KOPlayer) if you want.

Reading all threads, there seem to be so many bugs and required fixes in the more recent app versions so I will not use a newer version (for what benefit???).

You can also re-test with the most recent Android app version, if this happens to you, on KOPlayer if you really want to find out if this is an exclusive IOS issue.

The other solution might be to actually drop the official 1-7 Memrise courses and start learning from user-created courses, which you can only find on the web portal nowadays, but you can continue learning on the mobile apps.

BenWhately and other authors have also created “user-created” courses which are not related to their offical 1-7 course series.

(Isitangie) #7

Hi Thomas!

It is the Korean course that is made my memrise that I’m having issues with. as I linked in the first post, not only Korean but French as well has this problem.

Yes, indeed there are many bugs in the newer version, that I also use because I just recently downloaded memrise on my iPhone. I think it’s really sad that memrise doesn’t acknowledge this issue. It is also stated in the linked post that they have tried contacting memrise, but they have simply ignored the issue. - I mean if you would see it from their point of view, maybe more people actually pay for the premium membership so they can access the courses, who knows ;). If that’s what they’re going for, at least they should change what they have written on the website - that you DO NOT get any free lessons after level 1.

Oh well. I hope it will get fixed one beautiful day. We shall see

(Marcus W) #8

The iOS app help says the below in the “Is Memrise free?” section:

We apologise for failing to communicate our offering more clearly.
You can download Memrise and sign up for free to enjoy a free taster of the learning experience. To unlock the full experience, which include complete official courses and a variety of learning and review modes, the purchase of one of our subscription plans is required.

(Isitangie) #9

Hi Marcus!

I just read your post. do you mean that memrise officially posted this and has stated it? If that’s the case - then hallelujah because they have not been clear with their offering at all - that awoke many threads similar to mine. It sucks that it took them this long to actually make an announcement and acknowledge this issue with the general confusion going on.

(Marcus W) #10

I quoted from the troubleshooting section of the help available on the settings page in the app.