European Portuguese 'Difficult Words' Issue

For the phrase ‘Is It For Me?’, (e para mim?) once you get it wrong and go through all the refresher suggestions, the phrase stays in your ‘difficult words’ field and doesn’t leave.

On the positive side, I’ll probably never forget this phrase!

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Hi @ktrauner91370, you can add or remove any words on your difficult word list by tapping the level and then de-selecting the lightning bolt next to the item. Once you have deselected a word, it will never reappear as a difficult word again.

Please note: unfortunately you can’t add or remove items from your Difficult Words list on iOS. To do so, please log in on web or on the Android app; your list will then sync with your iOS app.


Ok, but this is a bug with your system, not my unique issue. I don’t have this problem with any other word that’s been on my ‘difficult’ list.

@ktrauner91370 I can see you’ve now ignored this item. If you continue to experience Difficult Words being stuck (and the steps above do not help), please let us know.


I have a question for you.

After learning a set of new words, is it possible to turn on Classic Reviews for just those new words? I just got a set of words (fat, thin, weak, strong, etc.) that I would like to review on their own a few times before adding them into the mix of words I’ve been reviewing since the beginning.

So I guess I’m asking if it’s possible to build a temporary vocabulary list for extra review.

I think the closest you can get to that is one of two ways. You can review by ‘level’ but you can’t select individual items within a level to review them. So, if the level has lots of items, you may have to work through a whole lot before seing the ones you want to, and items that haven´t been through the full learning cycle won´t come up! To do this, select the relevant level page from the course homepage, then click on “Options” and “Review”. Alternatively, you can create your own ‘revision’ course (via “Create a Course”) and then add and remove items to suit your needs. I do this for extra reviews of items that I have particular difficulty remembering. So, you can do this for items that you have started to learn but for which you haven´t gone through the complete learning cycle.


Thank you, I’ll try that ‘Create a Course’.

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