Estonian Vocabulary by missgondolier


I’m trying to get in touch with the author of this course to give her (assumption based on the user name :P) feedback, or all else failing, submit a request to become a contributor if the course is abandoned.

@missgondolier if you hear me… Or anyone knowing how to get in touch.

Tried sending a message but the name is not resolved when I type it in the recipient field.

I’m following several courses in Estonian and get frustrated by small things. In this particular case, the English word for family is associated to two Estonian words pere and perekond, with no indication of which one to choose. Both are correct (that I know) but I keep picking the wrong one in the lesson…

So I’d love to fix this, instead of having to ignore the words.


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Check out this thread.

Aaaah, thank you, interesting, I need to do better searching next time.

Is there any way to see who the contributors are on a course? I could only find the author from the course page.

Or is there a way to post comments about a course so that the creator and contributors are notified?

It would save me assuming that the course is not maintained and try and become a contributor on each of them :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

@Atikker, do you still maintain this course? If yes, can you look at the pere/perekond = family issue please.



I don’t think so. The only way to find out is by asking here on the forums.

Again, I don’t think so, other than here.

Again, thank you.

Maybe I should drop my quest to try and improve the courses and just use the ignore button on the words…

A bit disappointed that Memrise doesn’t allow better communication between users and creators/maintainers of courses…

Time to +1 some feature requests maybe.



I think that there is a problem with adding contributors at the moment. Check out this thread if you want more info. I have had some requests pending for quite some time now but I’m sure that once this problem is fixed, they will look over the requests.
So for now, yes, you’ll just have to use the ignore button, but if no one is looking after the course, then you can request to become a contributor - make sure it ends up in abandoned courses category.

Yes, I think the problem is that not enough people who use Decks, know about the forums. I put the links to the course forums in the descriptions of my courses (and those which I look after) so that users can contact me, but unfortunately, not all course creators know about the forums.

Thanks. I’ll just wait for a while and if no reaction from the author I’ll submit a contributor request. I already have one pending on another Estonian course. And in the meantime… I’ll use ignore.




You can easily ignore “perekond”… it is the same as “pere” but it is not used very widely nowadays

I couldn’t log in to change that…

Have you tried the courses I made ages ago in Memrise?

Good morning,

I had indeed been told that both are correct, it is just to avoid the frustration of being told I answered incorrectly when asked to translate family from English to Estonian.

When you say you couldn’t log in, is it because they disable the possibility to edit? Or are you not the editor anymore?

Are the other courses you mention also to learn Estonian?



Yes there are… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You could easily find them if you use forum search Estonian by Atikker

TOIT has the most words, pictures and audio


I believe that I have found a mistranslation. According to the course, arrivals is “aaabumised” (yes, three As) - that didn’t seem right, so I asked google translate. The correct translation seems to be “saabumised”.