Errows in latviesu-valodas-stundas

(Solomon Ver) #1

a lot of errors.
In Kāzas
jubeleja instead of jubileja
lūgt roka instead of lūgt roku
Can they be fixed?

(only an user) #2

Hello. I suppose you are learning this course:

It is a user-created course (by Elmerl) and you need to research if the user has created a course forum to address your questions and have more chance of getting a response.

(Solomon Ver) #3

thank you.
In the past I communicated with user-creators re errors, and some were helpful.

But every user has email address, so Memrise can contact the user and point to the error.

Your reputation partially depend on user created material as well

(only an user) #4

It is true. In the past, Lien has always helped with these issues, but since she is no longer part of Memrise’s team, now, I do not know who in Memrise’s team is in charge of contacting the course creators.
Members of Memrise team are at this link:

[Edit] In the previous post, I was just trying to inform you that since Lien is no longer available to contact course creators, user-created courses that do not have a course forum are having difficulty getting a response. I do not know how to speak English well, so sometimes it may be that my answer is not clear. I am learning several user-created courses, and I love them.

(Solomon Ver) #5

I will try to contact them