Errors in the Arabic vocabulary

I’ve just started this - and have already seen there’re spelling mistakes ie wrong use of hamza eg إكتسح
and is the following correctمُولِح ?

What do you mean by “this”? Are you talking about a specific course? If so, it would be better to post in that course’s own course forum, because that will send an email notification to the course maintainer(s), who may fix it if they’re paying attention.

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Hi everybody,

I am doing the GCSE Arabic Vocab Course. Unfortunately there are quite a few mistakes in the spelling. Where can i report the mistakes? There is no specific Course Forum.

Make a new post, include the title of the course in the post title, and link to the course in your post. Try to tag the course owner’s name by typing @ followed by their name - if they’re not here on the forum, that won’t turn into a tag, but still useful if they ever come here and search for their name. Then detail the problems. If any co-maintainer of that course is here, hopefully they’ll see your post and respond.