Errors in French 2?

I’m going back through the new French 2, Vocab Booster: What’s the Time

It gives ‘six heures vingt-sept’ as twenty seven past seven, when it’s twenty seven past six

It gives ‘quinze heures’ as five p.m., where as 1500 hours is three p.m.

In Level 1 A Room with a View, it gives ‘sans ascenceur’ as ‘with no lift’, but my dictionary gives the spelling as ‘ascenseur’

I wrote to Memrise, but apparently they’re not interested and ‘told’ me to post it in the forum. Why? You don’t want to fix your product?


If you already directly told them, what good does posting it in the forum do? They’re the course creator, so surely they’re the ones who have to fix it? I don’t know how adding course contributors works, but I somehow doubt just anyone can get put on their official courses to make corrections. It doesn’t really seem like good practice to disregard your message in favour of having you notifying other users who may not be able to do anything about it. At some point, though I much prefer the old French courses, I’m going to cover the new French 2, so it would be nice if it got fixed.

For comments about any of the ‘official’ Memrise French courses it is better to post them here and to tag @fanny_sta (who is the French Language Specialist at Memrise) in your post. It looks like she monitors that topic regularly and fixes any bugs.

Good luck!


Hi @gavan.599,

Thank you for spotting these issues, I will fix them straight away. These language/course specific forums are the best place to have language-related issues fixed as each language specialist will take care of them from here, while our Support Team deals more with bug and app issues.

Thank you for you understanding :slight_smile:



Hi @isharr,

These forums are also looked at by us, the language specialists, and it is more efficient to have course and language specific forums so we can get straight to the point and discuss more in length with learners. Our Support Team works on more technical issues and not language-related one. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Best regards,


These issues have now been fixed and you will be able to see the corrections after logging out and in again from your profile :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


I see, @fanny_sta . Back-end and front-end support operate with an entire disconnect, then? Perhaps this may be more efficient, but only if it’s obvious to users this is the case; still, I would have thought that it wouldn’t be too hard to forward on front-end error reports to the language team.

I wasn’t really trying being mean (I can achieve that just fine without trying…). I’m just grouchy.

I’m glad any kinks should have been ironed out the new French 1 and 2 before I get there! I knew there would be benefit to going over the old (so much gentler, imho) courses first. I must admit, I had noticed that the general thread on the official French course is more active than many of the others, but in my ever-grouchy, it’s-December mood, didn’t think to helpfully redirect @gavan.599 there.

Sorry for coming over a cow.

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It looks like these have been fixed.

Vocab Booster: What’s the time?

“Twenty seven past six,” is very unnatural English though. “Six twenty-seven,” and “twenty-seven minutes past six,” would be better translations. The hyphen is also important when writing two-word numbers from twenty-one to ninety-nine.

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Hey @isharr,

No worries at all! :slight_smile: And I appreciate that it may not be intuitive to have to come here for language specific issues, and to Support for technical ones. We are trying to make our support system more clear and fluid in the future. Thanks for your feedback!

Can I also ask you, you mention that you find the “old” French courses much gentler than the new ones, would you mind sharing why? I’d be very grateful to hear your feedback on this. :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Hi @fauxtronic,

Thank you for your suggestion. I will pass on to our English specialist to make appropriate changes to be more natural :slight_smile:


@fanny_sta hi, there’re errors in translation in franska 2 (french for swedish-speaking?). La cousine is translated as masculine and le cousin as feminine, should be the other way around.

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Hi @sunhelenita,

Thank you so much for spotting this. It has now been corrected. Please log out and in again from your profile to have the updated version.

Kind regards,

I’ve logged out and logged back in on both app and desktop website, issue isn’t fixed.

Hi @alkassyonan2,

Welcome to the forums! Could please tell me which issue you are referring to?

Kind regards,

Six heures vingt sept = 27 past 7
Quinze heures = 5 P.M.

Could you please tell me which version of the app you are using? It may be that it is an older one that doesn’t reflect the changes.


Hi @fanny_sta :slight_smile:

I found out where the problem is.

@alkassyonan2 is studying the French 1 for British English speakers, and the French 2 for American English speakers.

At level 11, French 2 for British English speakers has been corrected, but French 2 for American English speakers has not been fixed.

French 2 for British English speakers (level 11):
French 2 for American English speakers (level 11):


yup that’s the problem

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Thank you for spotting this @Milamy, that had escaped me! :pray: @alkassyonan2 I have just made the changes and the corrections should be with you once you log out and in again :slight_smile:


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