Error with Android app

Error with the Android App

Hello, I have been having problems with the Android app, I used the app in the phone before this and on the browser as well. It works as expected. But today that I am trying to reinstall the app on my phone (running Android 9) It seem when I open the app it says Oops, something went wrong and the refresh button appears. It refreshes the app and nothing happens, already tried to uninstall the app and reinstall it again and clear cache (even though it wouldn’t help because I don’t have any app data yet) and still have the same error. Anything that can help there?

I’ve had that two, twice. I think it worked again after I cleared the cache (go to your Android device’s settings → apps → chose Memrise → storage → clear data or clear cache.
It could also be possible that you might have to reinstall the app. In that case, uninstall, then clear all data, reboot and then re-install the app.

One of the above did the trick for me.