Error when learning more --- SOLVED


I’ve been two days that when I click on the “learn more” button it tells me that it can’t connect and the only thing it lets me do are reviews of everything I’ve learned so far.

How can this be resolved please?

Thank you very much in advance.

There might be an issue with the level that you are working on. Try going to the next level and start a learning session there.

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Thank you for answering me.

I will make a unit of the next level (level two) and will try level one again to see if it already leaves me.
I’m already commenting on you.

Thanks again.

Hi again.

I follow with the same problem. Now, when I open (mouse clic in “Aprender mas” buttom) the second unit of English UK, the web allows me continue studying in that unit ( 2 ), but when I open (mouse clic in “Aprender mas” button) the first unit of English UK, the web shows me the same error that I had before.

Could somebody help me or say me how I must continue, if I want to complet the FIRST unit please?

Thanks in advance.

I’m sorry, I might have been unclear. You shouldn’t start the next course (i. e. Inglés 2), but rather the next level in Inglés 1)!. Go to your Memrise homepage/dashboard and click the title link (i. e. where it says Inglés (Reino Unido) 1. This will lead you to the course’s main page (or, assuming I’ve found the right course, click here).

The main page of your course should look something like this (this is one of my own courses so the contents is of course different):

As you can see, I have finished the levels 1-3 and am now working on level 4. I don’t need to completely learn level 4 though. Instead, I could click level 5 and then start learning that level. If you click the first level that you haven’t yet learned, you will get something like this:

When you see that, just click the “Continue learning” link (or whatever it says in your browser) in order to start with the next level (or chapter) as indicated by the arrow above.

Does that help?

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Ok, thanks, now I have understood.

However, there is a problem for people who, like me, use the computer instead of a cell phone. As seen in “image1”, I carry 456 words learned from a total of 464. Why don’t you let me follow the web? How do I complete the level? Well, unfortunately, (see “image2”) Memrise MAKES me, if I want to finish the level and therefore the SIX words that I have left, to use the mobile app of Memrise itself and that is not fair because, even if they are words Simple, should give me the option to let me study them or not. Instead Memrise gives me the option to “ignore them” but I don’t see it just because some units are interesting even if they are basic.

Thank you very much for your response and excuse me for duplicating the topic.


It seems to me that something must have gone wrong (unless you crisscrossed levels on purpose!). And I’ve never seen the message you got there in the second screenshot.

I’ll tag @MemriseSupport and @MemriseMatty here, maybe they can explain what is going on here because I can’t …

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That’s the same old grammar mode for some of the official courses. The feature is not available on desktops, as you can see from the sreenshot, and half-available in the app, as we all know. Because of it topicstarter can not complete first English level.

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Hi Hombre,

would be possible a old mode update or advice to new users than it’s impossible full the course?

Thanks a lot.

My advice is very simple - just ignore this, it’s not a thing that really affects your learning. You can not complete a course without the app, but even with the app some official courses can not be completed. :slight_smile: At least it was a case some time ago, a lot of users complained, you can find a forum thread about this bug.


Thanks again at all.