Error syncing Number of Learned words and Streak between Android and Browser


I have a problem at syncing the number of words between the Android App on my LG G4 (everything updated) and my web account, on the website it shows 7,988 learned words, while on the phone it shows 8,133. I use Google Chrome 74.0.3729.169
The experience points is displayed correctly though.

It also has a problem syncing the streak: in the browser it shows by longest streak as 33 days, and current streak 6 days (although I studied every day, it shouldn’t have been broken), while on my phone it shows the best streak as 18 days.

Thank you!

The syncing of the number of words between browser and app is a long known problem and we are still waiting for the fix.

I am not sure about the streaks. Maybe someone else has an answer.

Ah, ok. Then I guess I will have to wait for the fix. Thank you!