Error message

hi! with a recent course i’ve been doing, i get a, " Whoops. Could not load the session. Sorry.
Review sessions can only be done when you’ve learned a few more words. Try it out and come back!" message every time i try to learn new words.
i cannot use the first level as the error pops up, however other levels work fine. i’ve tried ignoring the entirety of the first level but the error still seems to come up :frowning:
it’s become extremely annoying to have to go into individual levels to learn new words
i’d appreciate any help!!

Hi there, sorry about this!

Could you post a link to the course here please?



Hi Alessio!

I’m experiencing a similar problem while trying to load a session, it says:

“Sorry, there was an error loading the session”.

I got this message in each course I was studying.
It’s been a while I can only use Memrise on the web.
It’d be fine if Grammar was also available on that plataform, but it is not.

So, hope you or anyone else here can help on this problem.
Thanks in advance!

Hi there, based on the course you’re learning (Japanese 2), it sounds like this issue:

Grammar sections show up as not done even after completing on mobile

For the time being, we advise you to ignore Grammar levels on web to fix this.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,


Thanks for your reply!

I’ve read that page and also found other links with great info!
So, it’ll be ok to study on the web.

However, I still cannot study on the app due to the error message a/m:

“Sorry, there was an error loading the session”.

Thanks in advance for any help…

Hi Henry, this sounds like a different issue from the one originally reported in this thread, so I’ll follow up with a DM for more info.