Error: Memrise.LearnableSourceError error 101

(Tien Nam58) #1

Today I can’t learn, can’t review the Memrise.
It appears the following error message

Memrise.LearnableSourceError error 101

Please help me.

(Tien Nam58) #2

IOS: 12.1.3
Memrise versjon: 2.3.60

(⊂◉‿◉つ) #3

@MemriseMatty have a look at this please? :slight_smile: Thanks.

(Tien Nam58) #4

Can you help me?

(⊂◉‿◉つ) #5

Sorry about that. I don’t know what to do myself, so I’ve pinged @MemriseMatty, one of Memrise’s staff, he shall respond soon hopefully. :slight_smile:

(Memrise Matty) #6

Hi. Thanks for reporting this. We are aware of some issues for users regarding this, and hope to have a solution implemented shortly.

(Tien Nam58) #7

Yes, i am waiting.

(Sergey) #8

Same error on iOS 12.1.2 and Memrise version 2.3.61.

(Tien Nam58) #9

Ja, same error with
iOS: 12.2
Memrise: 2.3.61

(Mobiledisco) #10

Me too. App notification dot thing disappeared for days. Courses show nothing to review, and that weird error message.

Can get those notifications/reviews back, for a while, if you go ahead with a review anyway. That seemse to kick it up the backside and it reverts to normal (you need to do this for every single course). But by the next day it is back to nothing to review. Been going on since late last week. Please fix.

(Sergey) #11

Version 2.3.62. The error still exists.

(khx333) #12

Started for me today, too. Lates iOS version.

(Sergey) #13

Seems like everything is fine now. Memrise version is the 2.3.62. iOS version 12.1.3.

Does anyone still have this error?

(khx333) #14

It went away for me, too. Suspect a backend issue that shows up from time to time. Maybe scaling issues.

(Josh Wright10) #15

This issue seems to go away when you try again if online. For example, first failure, then sucess.
This becomes a bigger issue when offline, as it doesn’t work at all until you get an internet connection again.
Eventually, I deleted the App and redownloaded everything - this seems to have sorted things for me.