Error loading the session Japanese 0 level 3

Japanese 0 level 3 39/44 words error loading session during plant new memories.

I have uninstalled and reinstated the app as well as signed out and signed back in the app.

Device - Samsung S22 Ultra
OS - Android 13
Memrise app ver - 2023.2.22.0

Please help.

Hi iamanicemove5, thank you for reaching out!

I’m an Android developer here at Memrise.
We suspect this might have something to do with recent work done on our databases as we tried to remove duplicate words - we hoped logging out/in or reinstalling the apps would help, but maybe the Android app data caching prevents this. In this case, would you mind trying to clear the app storage please? You can do that by going to the Memrise app info (long press on the app icon, or Settings → Apps → Memrise) and then “Storage and cache” → “Clear storage”. You’ll have to log back into the app then.

Please let us know if it helped, we will keep investigating this.


I cleared the data as well as the cache and it’s still giving me the same issue. It is only happening with words and phrases option but it hindering me from progressing forward.

Thank you for checking! We’re able to reproduce the issue on our side, we will keep you updated, apologies for the inconvenience.

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Thank you. Can’t wait to continue learning again.

こんにちは @iamanicemove5 ,
This should now be fixed - if you log out and then back-in, all the data should now be up-to-date, and you should be able to learn new words and phrases.
Thank you for your patience, and happy learning,

I can confirm that it’s been fixed. Thank you for the prompt support. :grinning: