Error Loading Japanese Session

Hi, I get a error that reads ‘Sorry, there was an error loading the session!’ when trying to continue with my Japanese lessons on my android.

I have uninstalled memrise, cleared my cache on my phone of all memrise data and reinstalled but still get the same error.

I see that there are tons of people with the same problem but can’t find a decent solution anywhere.

I am running the latest version of memrise.

Have you seen the thread below? From what folks state there, the problem seems to have been fixed yesterday.

I think it might only be fixed for some, I am still facing the same problem.
The desktop version works fine but the app still states that there is a session loading error.

This is a bit frustrating since I am not always around my computer but my phone is always around. Meaning I am losing out on opportunities to learn when I am not with my laptop.