Error in the translation Russian-Italian

sono Nuovo qui. Vorrei segnalare che nel corso di Russo per chi parla Italiano, al secondo livello, punto n.18, Tempo e Spazio ci sono due errori:

  • “сейчас двадцать минут восьмого” viene tradotto come
    “sono le sette e venti” ma è errato, significa “sono le otto e venti”
  • “сейчас шесть минут шестого” viene tradotto come “sono le cinque e sei minuti” ma è errato, significa “sono le sei e sei minuti”.
    Chiedo che venga corretto.

I am New here. I would like to report that in the Russian course for Italian speakers, at the second level, point #18, Time and Space, there are two errors:

  • “сейчас двадцать минут восьмого” is translated as “it’s seven and twenty” but it’s wrong, it means “it’s eight and twenty”
  • “сейчас шесть минут шестого” is translated as “it’s five and six minutes” but it is incorrect, it means “it’s six and six minutes”.
    I request that it be corrected.
    Thanks in advance

These are correct translations. I guess it’s a local particularity. “шестого, восьмого” are indicating an hour which has already begun.

“двадцать минут восьмого” means “twenty minutes after seven o’clock”.
“шесть минут шестого” means “six minutes after five o’clock”.

You are right in one thing - there could be errors in the official Memrise courses. In other words, stai attento. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your post @Roberto_89 and for your clarification @Hombre_sin_nombre :slightly_smiling_face:Roberto, if you do spot any other errors, you can submit them directly to the Content team via this form. Thanks!

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