Error in Norwegian 3 course

I believe there are two errors in Norwegian 3 course Level 4-Found in Space. First one, in a phrase ‘kan du snakke saktere, vær så snill?’ there is a mispronunciation of ‘vær så snill’. I think I’m hearing there ‘er du snill’ but I can’t be sure, I’ve just started learning this language. And second one is a phrase ‘det er på denne gaten’ where there is no pronunciation at all. I would really appreciate if someone could fix those errors, because so far I was very pleased with the quality of the course and I would like it to stay that way.


I think you need to post those things here:

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Thanks for the tip Amanda!

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Actually, “vær så snill” is not natural to say at all. “Er du snill” is way more natural.
This is actually a mistake I hear several foreigners make. They translate “please” to “vær så snill”, which is correct on its own, but it’s more used when you are begging for something, and not simply a polite “please”.
Usually we’d say “takk” or “er du snill” instead.