Error in Italian 3

In level 19 the translation for ”suo fratello” should be ”hans/hennes)” bror, not ”min bror…”


This hasn’t been fixed yet…please, will you fix it?

maybe because you’re not very attentive? you have to look for the right forum.
the forum for that series is

good luck

Why do you have to be so aggressive??? All you need to say is that there might be a forum for the specific course, there is no need to attack people who are trying to be helpful!

It really isn’t hard to be nice, you should try it.

Thanks, Amanda!
I totally agree. I did try to find the right forum, and thought I had…
Thanks for your support, I thought the response from Memrise was really rude! :disappointed_relieved:

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Hydroptere is NOT a member of the memrise team, don’t worry about that!!! She is a long-standing memrise user and has created a lot of courses, but nobody pays her to make these nasty comments, that’s for sure!

The course you are doing is Swedish / Italian, I take it? You are Swedish, learning Italian? Then maybe @LenaE can help or find the memrise team member who is responsible for all things Italian.

I have just found the forum for the Italian course aimed at speakers of Swedish. It is here:

I will also tag you in the course. I hope that will help you find it.


Thanks so much!
Yes, I’m Swedish, learning Italian…

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Please, could you correct the following in “Italian 3”:

Level 6:
veloce - should be “snabb”, not “snabbt” (=velocemente)

Level 19:
suo fratello studia… - should be “hans/hennes bror studerar…”, not “min bror…”

Level 28:
un euro - should be “en euro”, not “pengarna”.
una sterlina - should be “ett (engelskt) pund”, not “en euro”

Level 34:
impegno - should be "plan"
avete impegni… - should be "har ni några planer senare?"
ho un impegno - should be "Jag har en plan"
annoiarsi - should be "vara uttråkad"
unirsi - should be "förenas/slå sig samman (med)"
dopo - should be “senare”

Thanks so much!

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