Error in Italian 3 level 38 (Italian for speakers of Spanish)

Traduction from “forse giocheranno a qualcosa” to spanish “quizá vayan al teatro” is incorrect

There are many Italian courses created by different people. Is your issue for the courses Italian from Memrise themselves? For English or Spanish or other speakers?

You’ll a better chance of a good response if you post in the dedicated forum for the particular course, e.g.: [Course Forum] Italian 1-7 by Memrise. There is a language specialist who often responds to issues in that forum like you have.

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Has the problem mentioned in the original post been dealt with?

Hi @amanda-norrsken and @jobespejel86,

I have just checked in our system and the Spanish translation in the official Italian course is correct, it says “quizás jueguen a algo”. :slight_smile:

Best regards and happy learning!