Error in Harry Potter Spanish course, how to report?

I’ve found an error in “Harry Potter Spanish Vocab books 1-3” by thebeemstress and I’m unsure how to report it. The word should be “furúnculo” but it is spelled wrong starting with funuc. . .

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Well, you are doing the right thing, by reporting the error here.
In order of possibilities:

  1. Some courses have a course forum to report errors and questions. I couldn’t find one for Harry Potter Spanish, but I could have overlooked it. If you post the link, it might be possible to be more definite.
  2. If (1) doesn’t work, check if the course creator is active on the forum and tag him/her, like this: @limonyellow (I’ve now tagged you) in this threat. Again, the link to the course can help.
  3. If the (2) doesn’t work ask Lien (tag with @ in that case) if she can write the course creator, or,
  4. In case the course creator is not active anymore, and you are really serious, ask the same Lien to make you a contributor.

BTW: is this Latin American/Mexican Spanish or Castellian/Spain type of Spanish, do you know?


  2. @thebeemstress

I found another error. It should be “zoquete” for blockhead, not zaquete.

There are various Spanish translations (Latin American and Castilian) and I don’t think this course is specific to a particular translation.

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As we can see, @thebeemstress is not on this forum, because the tag doesn’t turn into a ‘grey’-highlighted link. Unfortunately. So, plan B. Actually, plan C.

@Lien: I wonder if thebeemstress is still an active user. If, yes, could you write him pointing to this threat, or if not tell us who are contributors, so we can contact them (if they are active here)?

@limonyellow: if there are not too many errors, just ignore that incorrect word and enjoy learning the rest. In the end you will get a lot out of it. Are you reading Harry Potter in Spanish?

I am reading Harry Potter in Spanish. I’m not about to throw out the baby with the bathwater, and I think it’s well worth making corrections, especially since the only way I’m finding these errors is when I look up the word for another reason or because I have a suspicion that the word is wrong (e.g. English cognate). I’m actually making more progress on the Harry Potter memrise game than the book! It’s easier to do in small pockets of time and getting a leg up on the vocab makes the reading smoother and more enjoyable since I haven’t read the book myself in English.

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Found another error. . .“cetrino” is sallow. . .not “centrino.”

It would be the easiest option to become a course contributor for this course and then you could make these changes and corrections yourself.

And it is a really good way to improve your vocab, too!

@Lien, I don’t think the course creator is active, and I’d like to become a course contributor. Can you help me with this? Thanks.

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Hi @limonyellow,

Thanks for taking an interest in looking after this course.

I’ve added you as a contributor.

Here’s some info to see you off to a good start.

All the best,