Error in ‘Basic Valencian (valencià)’ by Baas

The Valencian expressions vosatres and vosatres sou are both translated into English as you (pl / informal); the second one should be you (pl / informal) are.

@Baas Do you already have a course forum for this?

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I’ve added “are” to the translation.

Thanks a lot for your message :slight_smile:

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I have found a few errors that should be corrected if they are included in the PRO version of the course.

The ones I have seen up to now are:

  • “chicotet / chicoteta” should be xicotet / xicoteta
  • “eix” is translated as: that (near you; m sg before vowels or h), when it really means: shaft / axle / axis (nothing to do with what is translated).
    It should be written as: eixe = that (near you)

At least for now… but I think that basics like this shouldn’t be happening, please revise.


Hey, how are you?

There won’t be a PRO version of it because that’s just a user-created word list. :smiley:. For years, I had a “disclaimer” on my Memrise profile page which stated that “all my courses and word lists are provided AS IS”, but Memrise has deleted members’ introductions, forums and messages on its main website.

Anyway, I’ll fix the spelling mistakes in “xicotet / xicoteta” as soon as possible.

As for the spelling of demonstrative “eix” (and also “est”), please visit the following page:

Thanks for your message and generous help.:sunny: