Error “de minha avó”

Portuguese (Portugal) 6 - Lesson 3 “Mine and Yours”
English: “That isn’t my grandma’s necklace”
Portuguese (currently) ”não é o colar de minha avó”
Question: Shouldn’t that be “…da minha avó”?

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Hi @japetus1981.

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In fact, it might also be said “da minha avó” instead of “de”. It’s a common way to say that.

However, this other format is also very common and may be heard or read in some cases. It may only sound a bit more formal.

The difference is that, in this case, we are not using preposition (de) + definite article (a), but only the preposition. Many native speakers say like that and it does not sound unnatural either.




Since the course is Portuguese (Portugal), that is european portuguese, it should be “o colar da minha avó”. Saying “de a minha avó” in european portuguese, it sounds awkward (i never used it like that and i never heard other people using it). It might be used in Brazil, but in Portugal it’s more natural to say “da minha avó”.

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Hi @dicentra8,

Thanks for your message!

I didn’t say we use “de a minha avó”, but simply “de minha avó”.