Error 500 message

I’m going doing ASL2 and everytime I get on the unit I am trying to learn it keeps loading an “error with code 500 occurred” What is this about? I need to finish this course.

Please use the following template to provide all the requested details and help us investigate faster.

  • Description of the issue: Please describe the issue in detail. e.g. do you see an error message? What is the issue preventing you from doing do? What should be the expected behaviour? Does this happen only on certain courses, levels, items, learning modes or devices?

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Hi there,

We’d love to investitage further but this request is missing all of the necessary information for us to do so.

Please confirm:

  • Details of the device and browser this occurs on
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Under learn. After a few vocabs, the error 500 message will always appear and we have to start all over again, never get to finish learning in the end.

Hi @Leng_Yip, can you please link the course this happens with?

Thanks @Leng_Yip. I’ve tested this course on Google Chrome and it seems to be working as it should.
Are you able to test a few things:

  • Please make sure AdBlock, AdBlocking technology or Ghostery have been disabled
  • Clear cache and cookies
  • Enable Javascript
  • Disable any active extensions and/or userscripts
  • Ensure your browser is updated, and restart it
  • Can you try loading the session in Google Chrome?
  • If Chrome fails, can you try loading the session in incognito mode?

hi error wth number 500. how to solve