Error 500 after starting language Course Swedish/Norwegian/

  • Description of the issue: Error 500 always when I start a language course from the “other languages”, e.g. Swedish, or Norwegian language.
    Observation: For a second after starting the course it switches to a green Beta layout and then the error prompt appears.

  • Your device and browser details
    Device: desktop computer, Debian
    Browser: Chromium 90.0.4430.212

Hi @Helle87, thank you for this report. We do have an open bug report for what sounds like the same issue (internal code WEBSITE-2695). To confirm, is this happening when trying to Learn New Words?
For now, you can try disabling Alpha and Beta to allow you to continue this course:


erro 500 em libras

Hi @Ruth2021 are you trying to launch Speed Review? Unfortunately, Speed Review will not launch for courses testing on images.