Entertaining Numbers! (fun and frivolous post)

(DvSt) #66

For me it are the numbers: three and eight…

(Maxine Downunder) #67

Here’s another cool screen shot.


Congratulations @Maxine_Downunder !

I have that one too. :smile: Got to keep it now! :persevere:

(Maxine Downunder) #69

Yes for sure - thanks @alanh. I missed it in previous years. I was a little ticked off last year to lose all my streaks when we took a trip overseas (but the trip was great) - so started again when we got back. Just lucky enough a few minutes ago to check how long I’d been on today and noticed it!


It’s a pity they only record a rolling 365 day period. It would be good to know what the full unbroken run is. :nerd:

(Ichigo Smof) #71

take a note :slight_smile:

(Kaspian) #72

I’ve been really busy lately, but a few days ago, I reached 777 days in Duolingo! (My overall Memrise streak is a couple days longer than Duolingo’s… wouldn’t it be fun to have proof of that???)

(Too bad the number of Lingots is so boring…) :wink:

On the way to 777, I saw this fun combination:

And back in April, I saw this:

(Geil) #73

It’s almost like it is spelling something…

(Guess who's back 🤩🤩🤩) #74

(Kaspian) #75

27-27-27 … and 2+7 = 9


(Guess who's back 🤩🤩🤩) #76

I usually don’t see my score when I’m using the app, but I needed to log out to refresh a course of mine. So I tapped the “You” tab… and there it was… first I thought it would have been better with 6 pts less… but now I like it even more. Thanks!
Also 3^2=9

(Guess who's back 🤩🤩🤩) #77

The word count is also nice with …

somehow I didn’t quite finish this post yesterday (wonder what I wanted to write)

(Guess who's back 🤩🤩🤩) #78

strange things have happened… I have not restarted a course and I HAVE learnt new words but my word count is the same as in April.

without this thread I would have never noticed it

(Lurajane) #79

@Atikker - I suspect that the post that you didn’t finish, and that you wonder what you wanted to write, has been sitting as an unfinished post since April. You pulled up an old draft post.

(Kaspian) #80

Five hundred and fifty-five days… :wink:

(ApolloNexus) #81

I have a wopping 10 day streak! (but compared to your 555…) :wink:

(Kaspian) #82

So, while I still have the 555-day streak badge, I thought I’d play a bit… :wink:

And then I overshot 88,888,888! (Oops.)

(Guess who's back 🤩🤩🤩) #83

nice catch with 1-99-55.

It was not an old post. The screenshot was made at that moment.

Now I have figured out it…

It shows different data depending on what you are using (web or app)

This is what it shows in App

And this is the score it shows on web

both screenshots are taken right this moment

(pdao) #84

I don’t look at it very often, but I just saw these figures on my weekly leaderboard. All 8’s (kinda like @Kaspian’s post up above):


It’s a nice feeling when a course reaches the 10k mark. :slightly_smiling_face: