Entertaining Numbers! (fun and frivolous post)

(路遥知马力 日久见人心) #46

I can believe how nerve wracking that was! Man, what a relief… @lurajane , I feel for you! So I did this one for you. :slight_smile:

(Lurajane) #47

Awesome!!! Very impressive. Thanks for sharing that.

(Maxine Downunder) #48

Well I REALLY overshot the mark. A bit ticked off with myself for missing the big number but on the other hand happy that I’ve finally made it to Memperor.

(Kaspian) #49

@Maxine_Downunder - Congratulations on making Memperor!! That’s fantastic!

(Maxine Downunder) #50

Thanks @Kaspian. I felt like it took forever to get to Meminence then I saw the big climb to get to Memperor. It’s been lots of time and work but well worth it. Onward and upward. Thanks again!

(Kaspian) #51

Here are a few fun numbers I spotted recently:

Lots of 4’s, 6’s, and 8’s!! (And it includes the streak badge!)

And then, a week or so later, a milestone… only 3000 more words to go!

(Maxine Downunder) #52

Very impressive @Kaspian

(Guess who's back 🤩🤩🤩) #53

today I logged into memrise web version (I don’t do that very often because I do not have time nor possibility to sit behind desk)

this is what I saw… isn’t it great =)

9 = 6+3

(ApolloNexus) #54

I am 888th in all time : D

(ApolloNexus) #55

noo! jsut missed my aim of 6,000,000 :sob: can’t put a picture for some reason

(Guess who's back 🤩🤩🤩) #56

this is what I saw today… nice numbers… don’t you think?

(Maxine Downunder) #57

Here are my latest “cool numbers”. I was going for 55,555,555 but overshot the mark!

Sorry about the large size - haven’t figured out how to reduce it on my Mac.

(Guess who's back 🤩🤩🤩) #58

I just found out that I took my last screenshot for this thread (words learned 19491) at exactly 14:00:41.


That put the dumbest smile on my face.

(ApolloNexus) #60

same here :smile:

(ApolloNexus) #61

just learned 2500 words! :smile:

(Ichigo Smof) #62

myself included i have 76 people on my leaderboard
only 13 have been active rhis week

(DvSt) #63

74 75 76 7
Unfortunately I’m only at 7 million points.

A final 7 would be beautiful at 74 million points.
74 75 76 77 :sweat:

(ApolloNexus) #64

don’t worry! you will get there…(hopefully :smile:)

(Guess who's back 🤩🤩🤩) #65

Found this screenshot, taken at 19:38 (unintentionally at this time) … turn it upside down and it is almost the same.

Right now I have 19791 words learned

… a lot of ones and nines in my life lately…