Entertaining Numbers! (fun and frivolous post)

(ApolloNexus) #23

I just noticed something, with my all time score one, 2+3=5, and then add a load more 5’s on!

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@ApolloNexus No problem, I followed you a while ago.

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@TripleOGold yep I know just thanking you : D

(Kaspian) #26

Today, I briefly had these numbers in Duolingo:

3344 566!

(ApolloNexus) #29

got the 2222

(Kaspian) #30

I almost missed seeing this one!

Unfortunately, Clozemaster awards points in multiples of 4, so 333,333 isn’t possible…

(ApolloNexus) #31

almost! :smile:


Hey Adam, it’s me Lily!!! >.<
How have you been?
Hope you see this soon…make a new discussion? =)

(Lurajane) #33

I overshot the target. Oh well.

Next goal: 33333 words and 55555555 points, about 5 months from now.

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(pdao) #35

Comparing the original post to the newly merged post in this thread it is interesting to note that the number of “likes” did not carry across. There were 5 on the original post, but none on this new merged one. Not sure if that is of interest to anyone, but I noticed it. (I know I have too much spare time on my hands…)


Good spot, @pdao. I just added a ‘like’ in the original thread (now showing 6) but it only lifted the score to “1” in this thread. :confounded:

(pdao) #37

@alanh ~ So @lurajane gets liked twice. Good for her !

Wonder how this plays into the badge award scheme of things. I think there is one (or more) based on number of likes given. Do they count for original posts plus merged posts, or just one of those choices, or something other ? The mysteries of the discourse world continue.

(Lurajane) #38

Re wonderings about merged threads;

Closing a thread appears to turn off email notifications.
BUT the likes continue to be counted if I look under Summary.

(Lurajane) #39

Some thoughts about merging the threads, though: The original thread has been inactive for 3 months. It was dead. I do not object to what happened here, but I think moderators in general should avoid moving active conversations to the end of inactive content. An enjoyable small conversation with a few new neighbors could be just that. Short, brief, and then fades away. OR the conversation is sustained or revived by additional input and participation.

The forum structure automatically highlights recent activity, and allows older material to naturally age out of site. I know some moderators want to de-clutter the forum by limiting duplicate threads. It is my opinion that this is akin to cleaning house by shoving everything into a few closets or under the bed; the house may look cleaner, but it is certainly not better organized.

The forum structure automatically de-clutters itself if left alone. I’d love it if my house automatically moved unused items to the basement. Thread merging doesn’t de-clutter, it keeps everything in the livingroom.

I don’t see how it is beneficial to anyone to have new users open a thread to see a recent conversation, and instead be sent to the top of a many-months old chat.

(DW7) #41

My apologies LuraJane. I really don’t know why that happened.
My intention (as I told you in a PM) was to MOVE ALL the threads to this area, which it did.
It should not - I thought - have kept the old thread and original post.

I’ve looked at the old thread and it says it SPLIT the thread, keeping the original header, it did not move them all! (It kept a duplicate of the original post.)
Any thoughts anyone? eg @Arete_Hime

(DW7) #42

One thing that should happen @lurajane is that once your posts were here, it should have displayed on the home page at the page highlighting it as an active and latest post.

Would you like me to try to move your posts back to your still existing thread? It should re-open it - I hope!!!

(Ultra-Sadist Delinquent) #43

When to merge and when not to merge depends on two things I think: (1) age of the original thread, (2) do the threads benefit from merging. I think that threads talking about a problem or issue should often be merged, you don’t want three [Course Forum] topics about the same course or three identical topics about the same bug. If the first thread is a bit older, and not a [Course Forum] topic, the older topic now often just gets linked.

If the topic is just some banter like this thread, I doesn’t matter either way I think.

Off-topic: when searching for necroposting (this doesn’t yet qualify as necromerging I think) I found my new word of the day: Necroxenaracnapedaphiliac

You can look at the thread and see if you are still “Watching” it.

(Lurajane) #44

No need to apologize, and no need to spend any time or energy on this thread.

This thread is a throw-away one-off; it really, really doesn’t matter.

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