Entering the Prize Draw

I have two email accounts where one is a premium and one isn’t. My one which isn’t premium gets spammed with constant emails about entering a prize draw where you need to be a premium member to sign up, the issue is, the only way I would have heard about this is through my non premium account. They are not giving any of this information to premium members at all.

So I’m wondering if this thing is even happening. And I’m also wondering if my premium account will be entered into the prize draw, or if I could only enter through following this link. How can I see any information about this prize draw at all as a person who already has premium?

Honestly it’s hard to see this being a real thing that they’re doing when memrise isn’t even telling it’s premium customers about this kind of thing.I want to know how I can see information on it and enter as a premium customer already.

Hi, sorry you haven’t received anything about the draw as a premium customer. We’ve tried to reach out to users in various ways to share that this was happening.

As a premium customer though you simply need to head back to Memrise and complete a learning session on an official Memrise course - just a few new words/phrase or even a topic.

You can take a look at some more info about the promotion on our blog here: https://blog.memrise.com/learn-even-faster-win-personalised-coaching-sessions/

Thanks for reaching out.


Thank you I was unsure of this. As I mostly use decks I don’t know if I completed an official memrise course in time. Hopefully I did. Thanks!

I think, @RossiRoad, they are saying it has to be one of their official language course and therefore on MemRise.