English for English Speaker


I come from Ethiopia and I speak little bit of English and I would like to improve it so sign up in Memrise but When i choose “I speak:” section English then i could not find the English course on the list of categories/ courses.
The same problem on my Android phone and on Laptop.

Do I have to speak the listed other languages other than English in order to learn English?


Yeah, it’s weird that Memrise has chosen to “simplify” the menus so things are harder to find. Here’s a link to the English to English section: https://www.memrise.com/courses/english/english/

Another option to build your vocabulary is to look at SAT and GRE courses: https://www.memrise.com/courses/english/standardised-tests/

These sections contain user-created courses.

Oh nice, thank you dude! I have been looking for it for a couple of days. I need it for my son so he could actually improve his english, especially his grammar skills. Actually, I do not really understand these new updates, before these stupid updates, it was way easier to find different sections and so on and so forth. I have also signed up my son for an amazing online english writing class, as he is going to continue his studies in England. He actually has some pretty good english skills, however I want him to be perfect from this point of view.