England and USA

What’s up with all the repetitions of “I’m English; of course I speak English and the United States of America” in Portuguese 2?

They do the same thing on all the courses from English (whether US or British). I guess they assume that since you’re learning from English, it’s your native language and, therefore, you’re probably from the UK or USA… Wouldn’t kill 'em to add “I’m from Canada”, “I’m Australian”, “I live in New Zealand” or something, would it? Plenty of places have English as a first or secondary language, after all.

Although, as devil’s advocate, a large part of the point of those sentences is just to teach you the phrase. Not hard to switch out the country/language reference with something appropriate to wherever you happen to come from. The structure is the information really being given, not the country/language name.

I totally understand the point of these sentences. But even my seven year old doesn’t have to repeat “falo inglês” 20 times…