Egyptian arabic

have some egyptian arabic courses been removed?

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To which course are you referring? There are so many courses here - some course creator might remove their courses, but that is rare.

I would love to answer this but I don’t have the course names (because they’re gone). I actually created a fair amount of mems for these courses. Is there anyway for me to pick up course names or information from the mems?
I do have their subject matter - House, Verbs, Time. Odd that all 3 are gone. There are not that many egyptian arabic courses and, all three had audio, also rare. Finally, I would add that I don’t recognize the course creator names among the the remaining egyptian courses.

Ask @Lien, perhaps she can find out which courses they were.

If you look in your mail box, you might have gotten messages from Memrise in the past to remind you that you need to review or learn words. Those messages might have the name of the course in them.

Thanks for the tag @John_Baite!

Hi @pilgrimdreams,

Sorry to hear you lost some courses.
Unfortunately, I can’t access the data to retrieve them :fearful:
If you happen to come across any emails that mention the course titles, let me know so we can further investigate.
A downside of ‘user-generated’ courses (i.e. non-official courses created by fellow members of the community), is that they belong to the creator who can delete them when they like.

We also have official Egyptian Arabic courses. Here they are, arranged in order of difficulty:

Alternatively, if you prefer user-created courses, these have audio:

Best wishes,



My apologies for not responding earlier. I have been out of the country and just returned. While I could see your emails, I couldn’t respond since I did not have access to Memrise.
I did check old emails but unfortunately, did not have any recent ones from memrise on any of the 3 egyptian courses.
Lien has also been in touch with me and sent me the definitive egyptian course, which I appreciate and will use. I will write to Lien separately.
Thank you again for your help.

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Hello Lien. Sorry that I did not respond earlier but I have been out of the country. I received your emails but was unable to respond without access to Memrise. I did check old emails but unfortunately did not have any recent Memrise message about my egyptian courses.
Thank you for all your work on the list of Arabic courses. I will use it where possible.

@Lien I have been doing this one:
Is this Egyptian too? I thought it was MSA.
Where can I find MSA?

Why it isn’t specified in the description the type of Arabic that you teach?