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hello there this is my first post so bear with me.
I’m trying to create a memory-like course for college and is comprised of 3 levels. Now the issue is when i edit a level and click preview the edit is applied to all the levels and that’s fully not my intent .
I don’t if it’s because i work on them simultaneously or what but is my first time creating a course and it really frustrates me.
Please help!

Hi and welcome,

Not sure what’s happening there. I have tried unsuccessfully to reproduce the issue with this simple course:


I have added you as a contributor so that you can try a few edits to see if the same problem happens.

I don’t usually use the ‘preview’ button on the edit page.


do you need a different database for each level ?

I haven’t with any of my courses. What’s the subject of your course?

Does this earlier related forum topic help?


is basically botanical plants and their scientific names and i need a level in which is the scientific and regular name
a level with the name and family
and then the level with the name and image

and every time i would do a level then change the next one the first level would have the same changes

kinda relates to my problem but after i tried with different databases it seams to work well

thanks for the help tho

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Oh right. I see what you’re aiming for. I’ve never tried anything that ambitious. If you find you get presented with some strange multiple choice tests, you may need to experiment with the ‘testing direction’ settings or use added columns.

I’ll delete my test course later.
Good luck!


thank you !

The kind of thing you’re aiming for is clearly do-able. Here’s an example:


oh wow thanks a lot

any chance to know how to find out the way he created it?

or like you mentioned the testing direction what is that cause apparently the choices are mixed

Here is the guidance on ‘testing direction’:

I think the creator of that plant identificaation course isn’t active on this forum but I’ll tag @DW7, who is a contributor to it and will be able to advise you on how it’s settings.

Good luck!


thanks a lot

Hi @crestinionut, I’ll try and anwer your questions tomorrow.

If it’s a problem with the course, I may move it to the official [Course Forum].

[Course Forum] Plant Courses by Ferncs

Otherwise if a technique, I’ll try to answer it here.

I have created information about testing direction and I’ll try and direct you to it (if I can find it again!).

Cc @alanh

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Thanks DW7. Just to be clear, there’s no suggestion of any problem with that course. It’s just that Crestinionut is creating a similar course and would like some advice about the best settings to use. So if you decide to move the thread anywhere, the course creation topic might be a better option.

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Many thanks @alanh, at a glance I thought it was a ‘technique’ issue.

Right @crestinionut

Here is the explanation about reversed levels.

[Course Forum] Art & Painting courses supported by DW7

That may answer your question.

Sometimes I create a duplicate level and then reverse the testing method, and I add “~ Reversed” to the name of the level …

other times I say “A tested against B” and the reversed level is “B tested against A”.

So “A tested against B” may be a photo and 6 or 8 plant names as suggestions in text.

And “B tested against A” will be the name of the plant and four or more photos to choose from.

This gives people a chance to relearn but also, once completed, allows people to be tested the other way.

Let me know if you want some more information.

Are you aware you need a separate column for every type of information.

If you have 15 items then create one level and choose a pair.

Duplicate the level and choose a different pair etc.

There should be a lot of “How to” information available.

Yes @crestinionut, that course clearly illustrates the points made above.

FYI it just one database but as I said every different type of information is in a new column.

See this - it might answer your questions:

Click the image to see it larger.


Hi @crestinionut, I haven’t heard back from you (nor had a “like”/ ‘:heart:’) so I hope the information we both have provided has been helpful and useful.