Early Access, where is the user generated courses?

Can anyone tell me where the user generated courses can be found on the early access version. I have automatically entered early access which I don’t mind because it is actually well structured and I enjoy the interactive bots, but I cannot find the user generated content to add.
I’m afraid to cancel out of early access as I may not be able to join again.

Hello @exelllearning and welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

EA is something that only seems to be offered to new users, hence I can’t really quote on that.
Can you access the list of courses and start a new one from there? It really should be possible.

Start here:

You might want to pick your native resp. source language on the top left first. Note that the search-feature is not working properly. Sadly it’s all about navigating through endless lists to find the best match for a given objective or search criterion …

You can directly join by going to the course catalogue as Olaf shared.
But you can also just click ‘leave early access’ in the dropdown on the top right of your screen if you’re on web, you can rejoin so don’t worry about that.
On web if yuo do learn on both versions of the product you will have a button on the dashboard, one that says ‘official courses’ that will take back to Early Access, and the ‘Community courses’ button on early access will take you to the classic version of the site with the community created courses

Does that mean that community courses will no longer be accessible after the “early access” version replaces the current version?

It does not mean that, no need for panic!

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After joining the “early access” I can’t find community courses on the Memrise mobile application (iOS). Please help.

community courses are not currently available on early access, you will have to switch to classic using the option in the settings page.
You cannot join community courses from the mobile apps, you will ave to join them on the website Memrise - Courses for English (UK) speakers and then they will appear on the app


I started learning German through early access and I learn Spanish, French and English in the old version.
After launching the update to the new version will my courses be blended, keeping all my progress in each one of them?

Yes we know which words you’ve learned and sync them between the two versions.
If you start a language on early access which you’d previously learned on classic you won’t have any scenarios complete initially, but when you click on a scenario it will fetch the status to check which words you’ve learned already and may then say you’ve learned the scenario and move it to the practice tab. We are working on having this done automatically rather than you clicking scenarios to check the status.

The thing that won’t continue is your streak on classic, streaks don’t exist on early access at this time.