Early Access for everyone!

Big announcement!

As some of you know, but others may not, the Memrise approach to language learning is rooted in the need for lots of effective practice. Speaking a new language is in fact only around 20% about actual “learning”, and 80% about getting enough of the right kind of practice: practice understanding and practice speaking.

The Memrise experience that most of you here on this forum are following is really focused on the “Learn” part of the equation. Learning vocabulary is super helpful, but it is not enough to get all the way to understanding and speaking a new language. That’s why we’ve been hard at work over the last couple of years building features within the product that really focus on practice. We call these features “Immerse” and “Communicate”.

Here’s a summary of what these features do:


We’ve carefully curated a video library containing 1000s of engaging YouTube videos and our own videos of native speakers. We’re continually adding new content to this library every week. Our smart tech creates transcripts of each video, identifying all the key words to learn. You can either browse the videos and learn the words you need to know so that you can understand the video you want to watch, or you can begin by learning words, then we’ll recommend you video lessons that feature the words you have learned.


You might have read some of the press coverage surrounding this feature that we call “MemBot”, which lives in our product’s “Communicate” tab. Essentially, last year we built the world’s first “AI language partner” on top of Open AI’s GPT-3 technology. MemBot sets you missions that you complete by having conversations (spoken out loud or in text) in the language you’re learning. For example, in one mission, you role play that you are buying a car and have to persuade the car salesman (played by MemBot) to sell you a car for under $500.

We’ve been gradually testing and rolling out these features over the first part of this year, and now we’re now ready to release them to everyone!

You can “opt in” on mobile to see these new features by going to “settings” and clicking on the “Early Access” toggle, and on web by clicking the profile icon and selecting ‘Switch to Early Access’. “Early Access” is the working name we’ve given to the version of Memrise that has these new features. If you are learning on a mobile app we strongly recommend that you update to the latest version before you do this.

As well as the two new features, if you opt in to “Early Access”, you’ll notice a couple of other changes:

  1. The course structure has changed.

In the classic Memrise product, “courses” are collections of “levels”, each of which is a list of words or grammar exercises. “Early Access” is designed without “courses”, but instead with word lists that are called “scenarios”. Each scenario is a group of words that can help you master a particular real-life scenario; the words may be the words used in a specific Immerse video, or they may just be a list of words that are useful to learn together. Scenarios are basically the same as “levels” in Classic Memrise. There is a “recommended path”, or scenarios that you can follow, so you always know what to do next. Additionally, you can also modify the recommended path by picking a scenario that catches your interest, or by picking a scenario that will unlock a particular Immerse video. Later, we will also allow you to generate a scenario based on the words that are used in a particular MemBot conversation that you have.

Right now, the scenarios roughly match all of the official course levels 1 to 7 on Memrise Classic, as well as there being several thousand more scenarios that are generated from videos. Over time, these will be expanded further to meet other specific needs, such as study lists for exams. We have created a flexible system for scenario generation that means we can very quickly create wordlists to meet any need or interest.

Because all scenarios are part of the same central system, when you learn a word in one scenario, that word shows as “learned” in every other scenario that uses the same word.

  1. There is no offline mode

The focus of the product is on practice, and these practice experiences currently rely on cloud-based tools that require an internet connection. So, there is no offline mode yet.

  1. There are no streaks yet

Streaks on Memrise Classic are for each specific course. So, if you learn on Early Access, it will not count towards your streak on a course on Memrise Classic. We will add streaks into Early Access soon - when we do, you will have one streak for all your activity on Early Access, because there are not multiple separate courses. This will make it easier to maintain your streak.

What’s next?

Right now you can opt in to Early Access. The next step, once we are sure this is all stable and working well, is to migrate all learning on Memrise official courses to this new experience. As noted above, the core of the course content is the same, but there is just much more of it on Early Access, so this should be a great experience for everyone. Community Courses will stay in the Classic experience, because they are not linked in to the Immerse and Communicate experiences.

There is no set timeline to migrate all Memrise official course learning to Early Access - the timeline will depend on how fast we can make the experience work brilliantly for everyone. So do please give feedback to help us make the transition as smooth as possible!

We will update on timings as we go forward.


Will it sync my progress when I Opt In to Early Access?

Absolutely. Your “words learned”, “marked as known”, “difficult words”, and “words to review” are all synced.

When you click to go to Early Access, it will ask you to sync. In Early Access, this will enrol you in all the languages you were learning in official courses on Classic Memrise, and move scenarios to the right state. Completed scenarios can be found in the “practice” area of the Learn tab on web, or you can scroll up on the Learn tab on mobile to find it. We will pin up to 3 scenarios to the ”‘in progress” section of the Learn tab if you’ve learned some of the words in that scenario already.

You might notice a difference in your “words to review” count. This does not mean that you have lost the progress at the individual word level, but in Early Access, you only review words from completed scenarios. We have made some changes to the content of “Levels” from Classic as we’ve moved them to “Scenarios” in Early Access, so you may have learned words on Classic that are in an incomplete scenario on Early Access. That will cause a difference in the “words to review” number. If you click a scenario you will see the details for each word. By completing that scenario, the words will become eligible for review again with the interval you had on Classic.

What does this mean for Community Courses?

Absolutely nothing is changing for Community Courses: they will stay in the current experience. We will be making it easier to switch between the official Memrise content, on what’s currently called Early Access, and the Classic experience which will only contain community content.

Why isn’t there offline mode in Early Access?

We have seen the usage of offline mode rapidly decline over the past few years as mobile data has become so much cheaper, the coverage better and public WiFi much more widespread.

Additionally, as noted above, the core of this new experience are the Immerse and Communicate experiences that rely on cloud services to work.

As such, we haven’t, and won’t, create a full offline mode, but we do plan to add some offline features to Early Access in the future.

What are the timings for the next phases

We don’t have exact timings yet, but will provide further updates as we progress.

Why can’t I see Communicate?

Communicate is currently not available if your source language is Arabic, or if you are learning Mongolian, Icelandic, Slovenian or Yoruba.

Why can’t I see Immerse?

Immerse is currently available in limited languages, currently mostly for English-speaking courses. Within the next two months we will be adding many other source languages.


Many thanks @James_g_memrise for explaining your next phase, ahead of time, what to expect.

I am a traditionalist and big user of Community Created courses (as I have been around a very long time and have created many courses and look after loads of others), so I think I will remain without the “Early Access”.

I’m sure many will benefit from your extra provision.

I am pleased to read that Community Created courses in both languages (and on many other topics of course) will remain accessible.

What I really hope is that your traditional 1 to 7 (and excellent) courses will remain, as I have found them just what I needed, and have finished the Italian and am working through the French ones.


Will it be possible to use official courses in the old way?


By the end of the migration, all official Memrise courses will only be available on Early Access.
Courses 1-7 will not exist, Early Access treats them as a combined course, but they use the same content.
The classic experience will only have community courses.

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How much time do we have until they’ll migrate (approximately in months)? I want to review some official courses in the old fashion.


There is definitely some appealing stuff on here, in particular the Membot feature (my creeping AI fears are fortunately in this case trumped by my fear of speaking a foreign language out loud). However, if you are pretty far along in your studies, it is a bit overwhelming knowing where to begin/how to “find your place.” I’m glad there isn’t a rigid “path” like you find on Duolingo, but it can make this look, as someone who can probably skip a fair amount of these levels, like a lot of extra work to get to where you need to be. Have you considered incorporating some sort of placement test into this new environment? If you are an absolute beginner, it’s a pretty straight line and you surely need most or all of the content, but if you want to use some of the features at a more advanced level, the lack of levels themselves (as far as I can see so far, forgive me if I’m overlooking something obvious) means a lot of clicking in and back out of scenarios to force it to realize what you have already learned. Is there a clean way to jump ahead, or do you just have to click in and out of every scenario until you get to new material? Thanks!


a couple of months or so

This should absolutely not be happening, when you click to go to early access, please ensure you say yes you want to sync your progress (ensure you are on the most recent mobile app version if on mobile to get this functionality), this will ensure your progress from classic is synced, and any scenarios you have learned all the words for will be put into the completed section automatically.

But in wider terms, we are working on placement tests, and for our classic users migrating over, if they had started on a later course number, then to automatically mark earlier course content as known, which will be done before we make the new experience mandatory.

Thank you for your thoughts


Will the Classic Review and Speed Review still be available on the new format. I like these reviews and will be very disappointed if they are no longer available. If they aren’t available, what will take their place to help in the vocabulary learning phase?


They absolutely are there, you can click review on the homepage card, or go to the practice section of the learn tab.
But now you can review all of a language, not splitting it into 7 separate courses


That sounds great. Thank you.

Thank you for the announcement and explanations!

When the official courses are converted, will the grammar lessons be incorporated so that they can be accessed through the web version along with the rest of the course content?

For instance (to clarify what I mean), in Mandarin Chinese 1 the grammar lessons can only be accessed through the mobile apps and not through the web interface. So I’m wondering if this situation will change when the official courses are converted to the new system.

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You mention that before switching to Early Access on mobile apps that we should update to the latest Memrise mobile app version. The version on my phone is 2023.05.17.0 and I don’t see a place to update. Is that the latest version?

Taking both these statements:

Will it be possible to seamlessly follow a daily learning routine by language across Memrise courses and community courses? 4 of the 8 languages I’m working on daily are a combination of Memrise and community courses. I fear it will be next to impossible to constantly switch between both “ecosystems”.

While this applies to Android here, it would be good to know about this for web and iOS, too.


When the 1 to 7 are no longer individual courses, will it be possible to return to the contents of say courses 1 and 2 to revise the basics (even doing the “Learn with Locals”) on those levels to keep one’s ear in?


We will not be having the grammar lessons in the new experience on any platform. They were considerably below the quality level we would want to have.
More importantly, you can practice grammar by talking to the Membot in the Communicate mode, which will correct your grammar when you submit messages with the before and after so you get instant feedback


If you’re on iOS then yes.
The important thing is that when you clock to join Early Access it asks you to sync your progress which the latest version does.

You will be able to switch between experiences easily using a toggle in the language selector before we make early access mandatory.
The two systems are completely separate, so you won’t be able to do a single category review across official and memrise but switching between the two is easy.
I’d hope you will update your daily routine to make use of the new immerse and communicate features


Yes all content is available as one single course, all completed scenarios are visible on the practice tab inside Learn.