Early access breaks the best feature of memrise

The best thing about the old Memrise is that I didn’t have to pick what was next. It let me just hit the yellow button, and it mixed in new vocab, pronunciation, spaced repetition and scenarios.

Since moving to the Early Access, I’m doing way fewer because now I have to suddenly try to decide whether it’s time for me to practice, learn new words, etc. I love all the new features, but please bring back the ability to just say “Next” and have the computer figure out what the right thing is based on how long I’ve been learning, or been away, etc.


I share your frustration and have many of my own with early access ; just revert bact to the original system, it is so much better.

Algorithm offers you random actions, it has no idea what is better for you. You can flip a coin with the same rate of success. Moreover, it’s not a hard task to invent your own learning system.

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Sure? Yes? That’s fine. Random still takes cognitive load off of picking which thing to do next and will ensure that I’m covering the bases.

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Well, personally I hate when robots are making us even more stupid than we already are, so I’m glad it’s gone. I can only hope they’ll remove it from the classic version too.

The best part is that it’s already in the new version on the web. =)

(Thanks, Memrise! I’m looking forward to this coming to Android again!)