Duplicating Databases

I´ve created my own course in order to learn words we worked with at school.

  1. However, when I add new words and want to create levels with 15 words, it all duplicates so now I have almost 300 hundred levels instead of let´s say 100.
  2. Also some of these words are there multiple times and it seems impossible to find them and delete them.
    Is there a solution to delete levels and have now only one and that one divide in new levels again?
  3. In some other courses there is possible to choose on mobile app that I already know the word and I don´t have to learn it again and it is just used in “test”. Is it possible to have it in all courses?

Hi @resurgam,

For point #3, within a level you can select “ignore all” (and save) then immediately select “ignore none” (and save) - this procedure is not at all obvious, by the way. To do this you’ll need to use the Web version of Memrise running on a computer.

This should cause all items in the particular level to switch to being review items rather than learning items. If you later change your mind, you can always click on ‘options/restart’ for the level to force all the items back into the original, completely unlearned state.

I’ve created a lot courses, and never come across the #1 and #2 issues. If you wish, send me a link to your course I’ll take a quick look and let you know what I think.

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That’s pretty interesting, I didn’t know that. I primarily use the Android app. There, you can go into a level, then tap the “Flag as …” (the EN caption might be different, in German it’s “Markieren als …”) and select all items to ignore, save, then tap again and un-select the previously ignored items.
There is no “ignore all” button though.

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Dear @ian_mn,
Thank you, I wasn´t sure about that ignore button that it would ignore just the learning part but it still be reviewed. Super!
I solved the problem 1 with deleting manually all of duplicated levels and when adding new words I will just count it and create new levels by myself and not depend on creating the levels automatically. Do you know if it is possible to move some words from level a to level b for example? I know that it can only change order in the same level.
Problem 2 was actually stupid on my side, when opened whole course you can just find words you know you have duplicated and delete it.
Most of the time I use iOS app. Still, I would appreciate some innovation of whole app (not design, just to make it… better). It is the only learning app I still use and come back to. I love in my German course (created by Memrise) the part of learning that I can test responding to some situation in chat, that is really cool.
The course is this one: διάφορες λέξεις - by resurgam - Memrise

Hi, as far as I know, it’s not possible to move words from level to level.

In case you find it useful, I just used this web-app to copy all the text in your course:
Memrise Scraper - tech189’s Website

So, a text version of your course is now here:

Using the text file, I also just created a multiple-choice version of your course:
*διάφορες λέξεις (Greek-Czech MCQs) by r… - by ian_mn - Memrise

(and I added computer-generated Greek audio clips using:
Memrise Audio Uploader - Chrome Web Store)

I thought you might be interested in these methods.


amazing, thank you so much, this is really helpful! Both text version and audio clips - woooow!
I´m still in the process of adding new words but after I´m finished (at least for some time) I will probably break those words into thematic levels, it is already chaos now :smiley: Hi from Prague!

Hi, if you’re not currently using a spreadsheet for creating your course, I’d suggest doing so as it would make the process more efficient.

I use Excel, but downloadable free spreadsheets have similar functionality. You may want to consider using spreadsheet features such as “remove duplicates”, “Sort and Filter / custom-sort”.

I could be wrong, but I think it’s better to create levels manually rather than by using Memrise’s automated options. You could then “bulk add” vocabulary items by copy-and-pasting from your spreadsheet.

You’re currently using a large number of small levels - which may slow down your course creation process and create a lot of extra work. I’ve found that levels of up to around 100 items work well.

Let me know if you need more explanation on any of these ideas. Hodně štěstí!

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I´m not using anything but my handwritten notes which I´m writing directly into memrise. If I understand it correctly, to use spreadsheet I should write those words into excel (or something) first and then copy it into memrise? I´m already almost at the end of my handwritten notes!

I wanted to thank you for the text version you made out of my course because that night I deleted all the levels in order to sort all those words (just one of my amazing ideas) - but I didn´t know I have to keep one level so it won´t be erased from the database. I ended up with nothing but restored it with your text version and those deleted words which I added after your made backup I just wrote again. Thank you so much, it saved me a lot of hours!

I started to use levels, it will be a lot of work but I know it will help me with learning when I have it sorted. I will add more words into each level but still I don´t think I will have cca 100 items here (I don´t want to end up with levels called Verbs A-C, Verbs C-E etc and also I don´t want to have more than 100 items in section of job specialities for example, well, I´m sure it will end up like this anyway…).

All your suggestions were really helpful and new to me, thank you so much! I´m grateful.
But I´m glad I´m creating just one course for myself. It is hell :smiley:
Best! Ahoj!

Hi, yes - that’s what I would suggest. There are a few reasons.

  • Typing into a spreadsheet (then copying into Memrise) is generally easier/quicker than typing directly into Memrise.

  • It’s easy to move/reorganise items in a spreadsheet.

  • It’s fairly easy to catch and correct most typos in a spreadsheet. (I can explain this further if you ever need to know how.)

  • It’s best to find errors in a spreadsheet before copying them into Memrise -
    this helps avoid the longstanding “phantom entry” Memrise bug.

  • It’s easy to remove duplicates in a spreadsheet.
    (which does happen automatically when loading items directly into a level, but duplicates are only automatically removed if identical items are detected within the same level).

But it sounds like you’re close to completing your course - and I wish you well with your learning!

P.S. I noticed another Greek for Czech speakers course, in case it might be of interest to you:-

Very understandable and reasonable, thank you! Well, I´m almost at the end of my irrational task :smiley:
And thanks, that course is for me relatively new, when I was looking for other Greek courses, I did not find this one!

Hi, good to hear it’s going well, and that you’re almost finished your course creation process.

One thing you should probably do is to use the Memrise Scraper web-app (linked above somewhere) to make frequent back ups of your course (maybe when making corrections while using your course).

It’s also handy if you later want to make a new, modified version your course. The scraper text file version of your course can be copy-pasted directly into a spreadsheet if you ever want to take that approach in the future.

I found that other Czech course by searching “courses”, selecting “I speak Czech” then selecting “European languages, Greek”. There are now two courses in this category - yours and the one by Swamberka.

Good luck with your Greek!