Hi guys! Does anyone here use duolingo?
And do you know some apps like this app?

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I sure do! But I prefer the charms of Memrise. Like Learn with Locals. And other apps? Babbel might be worth a shot. But you have to pay for lessons past lesson 1. Still a good resource though. :confused:

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yOu HAveN’t dOnE YoUr wORds, yOu KnOw WhAt hApPeNs nExT.

Duolinguo is nice-ish for some languages but it’s only elementary level and some things of it are frustrating. I unnstalled it completely when they changed graphics to kid-style.
Other apps, I tried a few but found none decent. Like Memrise, maybe Anki?

I use duolingo, and I’ve tried every other language app I could find. Memrise is my favorite.

I’ve been using both Memrise and Duo for around 1.5y now. I think they complement each other very well. I don’t use any other app besides these two, although I have looked into many others, such as Babbel and Busuu, to name a few.

Oh if you can pay Drops is nice too.

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