Duolingo Difficulties

I am in the fourth section of my Duolingo German tree. I am also using the Comprehensive German Duolingo Vocabulary deck on here. What frustrates me is I find I can’t keep up with my Duolingo studies: I get behind on learning my vocabulary words. If I try to keep them even, I get overwhelmed with the amount of new vocabulary I have to dump in my head.

Anybody else similar?

I don’t know Duolingo but is there a way to set the number of new words learned each day, down to a few or none? Every person is different, some could learn many words a day, some not, which is fine.

I don’t think that there is any suitable way of really keeping both Duo and Memrise on an equal level. I also learn quite a bit on Duo but I never attempted to get at Duo’s vocab via Memrise. I just treat them as two different things. And I suppose I’ll continue to do so until Duo finally comes up with a way to repeat your weak(est) words as found in the word list(s). Should really be easy as they seem to be applying the SRS in their databases (albeit it doesn’t really seem to be working correctly [yet]).

You should try it. It’s free. www.Duolingo.com

Thanks for the link. Several of the words on my word list that are weakest are ones Memrise has asked me recently. I’m glad there’s agreement between the two.

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In case you didn’t know - DuoMe also has the complete vocab, see here: https://www.duome.eu/vocabulary

You can access your profile and progress-information there too (the links lead to my pages, just replace the name part in the links with your own). The only drawback there is that DuoMe always shows the information regarding the language you learned last, so you will have to change the learning language in Duo to access that language’s information on DuoMe.

Thank you for that. I ran into some of these pages before on the discussion boards. Mine aren’t updated to where I’m currently at, for some reason.

I remember a page that listed all the vocabulary and had marked on it all the words I’ve learned. All I see now is the vocab page you linked to that shows all Duo vocab.

The DuoMe word-list is simply a listing of all words for any given language. If you want to see your own progress for a particular language, “learn” that language on Duo and then go to your DuoMe progress page and click the Words tab:

See my last posting for the links!

Edit: Oh, I suppose I misunderstood you. If you’d like to see the SRS-status (i. e. your “strength” per word), hover over the More-link at the top of the Duo website and then select Words.
You can also directly access this via: https://www.duolingo.com/words

Thank you! This was a big help.

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