Duolingo Courses

I will share here a list I put together on Duolingo course vocabulary lists here on Memrise. Where multiple courses exist, I try to prioritize the ones that are (1) actively maintained, (2) most complete, and (3) most used. This list was also posted on Reddit.

Spanish - Part II, Part III
Dutch - Part II
Russian (a thorough alternative is here)
Turkish (a thorough alternative is here)
Danish (a thorough alternative is here)
Esperanto (a thorough alternative is here)
Ukranian (incomplete)
Polish (incomplete)
Vietnamese (complete; just adding in audio over time)

(unreleased courses)

Hungarian (no course yet)
Hebrew (incomplete)
Greek (incomplete)
Czech (incomplete)
Romanian (incomplete)
Swahili (no course yet)
Hindi (no course yet)
Klingon (no course yet)
Korean (no course yet)
Indonesian (no course yet)

(Duolingo inspired courses)

Luxembourgish (no audio)
Finnish - Part II


kuah, thank you.

The most complete Dutch course covering the Duolingo vocabulary is split up into two parts for some reason. Here is part two.


For Spanish there is also an already completed course in three parts.

Spanish Duolingo Words
Spanish Duolingo Words 2
Spanish Duolingo Words 3

I am contributing to the first two.


I didn’t even notice that, thanks for the catch. Updated in the main post.

Got it, thanks for the clarification.

Are there any Duolingo courses for Arabic?

There is also a Latin course.

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Someone started posting the reverse course, though it appears they stopped before getting too far. I focused only on trees that are “X for EN speakers” and mostly complete so I left that one out.

As for the Latin one, that is definitely interesting though I plan to stick with the existing Duolingo courses for this particular list. Hopefully Duolingo adds Latin.


@kuah Thanks

A Greek course was started by one of the course contributors on Duolingo, so that has now been added.

A few days ago I have noticed that on the Swedish Duolingo course, on audio questions the sound won’t start automatically. That passed!
Today on the translation-audio questions the right answer got stuck. I had to press a few times to make it sound. It happened almost on every occasion.
I thought the mechanism of Memrize is universal. How can these problems occur only on few? Or one? Or whatever!

Recent Updates:

I completed entry of vocabulary in the Vietnamese course, now filling in audio.

I added a section of “Duolingo inspired” courses; I only found two that seemed worth mentioning at the moment. There are others, though most are either incomplete or disorganized.

When it comes to Duolingo inspired courses, Suomi Monostyle is worth mentioning, I think. The first two levels (http://www.memrise.com/course/484516/suomi-monostyle-level-1/ and http://www.memrise.com/course/498184/suomi-monostyle-level-2/) are quite good. There’s a level 3, but there are too many mistakes in it so I can’t really recommend that one. Unfortunately, the creator of the courses does not respond to any discussions anymore.

Thanks for sharing, I added it.

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there is a duolingo for indonesian - so, it is not true “no course yet”. I don’t take it, just wanted to say that there is such a course

I am making a Hungarian course. I’ve only made it up to the second checkpoint, so it’s still a work in progress, but it’s there!

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Thanks. The main post is locked from editing for some reason, so I will add it in when possible.

I’ve made a Swahili course based on the vocabulary from Duolingo here: https://www.memrise.com/course/2167631/