Duolingo Catalan - First 1250+ words

@MemriseSupport Could you contact the author of this course about me becoming a contributor?

If the user declines, I would just like for them to update the course to the Memrise official courses standard, by adding definite articles to all the nouns.

It’s a wonderful course, but right now, it’s very hard to tell whether a noun is male or feminine. That is a huge deal breaker. It is VERY important to learn the right article with every noun.

Due to the audio not including the articles, optional correct answers without the articles also have to be added, for the listening tests. :slight_smile:

If I’m allowed to become a contributor (either by acceptence or lack of response), I will do the work of updating it myself.

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Hi @Vikestart, I can see that this user is still active on Memrise, but we’ve sent them an email asking them to read this post/add you as contributor to your course :slightly_smiling_face:Unfortunately, if they do not respond we won’t be able to add you as a contributor as we don’t consider the course abandoned.


Great. :slight_smile: I really hope they’ll considering the articles. Articles are a HUGE deal for romance languages…

At the very least answers with articles should be added as optional correct answers, but optimally it should be the other way around.

I made changes to the first level by adding an example of nouns with their article, and I also added an attribute tag. Tell me if that helps enough.

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Examples and attributes are nice the first time you’re introduced to the words, but they don’t really challenge you in reviews to help you remember them correctly. :slight_smile:

When you review, you should be tested to see if you remember the correct article. That is a vital part of learning the nouns. Is it “el tema” or “la tema” for instance. If you haven’t learned this exception, you might think it’s “la tema”… There are a lot of nouns that you can’t guess the gender of (those that don’t follow the typical patterns as well as the exceptions). Words ending in consonants for example… they are a wildcard.

Personally, I would love if articles were added to the words themselves, to make them part of the reviews. Of course, since the sound files do not include articles, optional answers without articles would have to be added as well using the alt-function, so that you’ll be correct whether you choose to input the article or not, so both “el pa” and “pa” would be accepted for “the bread” :slight_smile:

I’m happy you replied so quickly though. :smiley: And I really appreciate the effort you’ve put into this coourse, it’s great! With articles, it would be 100 % perfect!