Duolingo Bulgarian


This is the forum for the upcoming Duolingo Bulgarian course. Be sure to check out this post on Duolingo for updates on the course.

If you want to apply to become a contributor

Please send in your application to in Bulgarian and in English to BelarusianBulgar@gmail.com


When will the course come out?

At the current rate, the course should be available in early 2017!

What is the audio like?

It is pre-recorded and you can see a video of it here

Can I be a contributor?

Please send your application to BelarusianBulgar@gmail.com

Can I be an Alpha Tester?

Please send your application to BelarusianBulgar@gmail.com

If you have any more questions ask below


Can you add a keyboard please within memrise so I can check the course out.

The course will be public when it is finished, it is at 40% so far! Yay! :smile:


Thanks for reply and good luck completing the course

Thank you! I wish you well with your studies :slight_smile:


There is the new update on Duolingo here!


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Would you be able to add a bulgarian keyboard?

How did u get this email? But yes, if I knew how

You provided it to Memrise :slight_smile:

They just posted a reply to the forum thread and it was Memrise forum software that sent you the email.

Here. There is even a predefined Bulgarian keyboard. http://feedback.memrise.com/knowledgebase/articles/525119-activate-an-in-browser-keyboard

Ok, sorry. I got a bit worried there :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the instructions. I will add it now, if you have
any questions feel free to ask.

  • Daniel

Thanks so much, I am really enjoying your course. Great work! I hope to see it on Duolingo one day.

Glad to hear!

Hello again, did you ever find a good Bulgarian text to speech program? I am putting together a basic verb conjugation course and some audio would be great.

Unfortunately not

Hi, I’m writting here because I saw already two mistakes in the course, the first one is in the lesson “Food 1” in which there’s the sentence “Ядете пиле” translated as “They are eating chicken” when it actually is “You (plural) are eating chicken”. The other one is in the lesson “Animals 1” in which there’s the word “Риба” translated as “A dog”, when it actually is “a fish”. I just write because I don’t want people to get confused, thanks a lot for the course!


I came here to say the same thing! Also there are some instances where it is not specified if it should be You singular or You plural in the food topic. Making that differentiation would also be helpful. Thanks!

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Hi, first of all im finding it really useful to use along side my evening classes and its improving my spelling! However, i’d like to flag the same errors that still havent been fixed. Many thanks for all the effort! Laura x

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Hey all! I like the course very much… but I have found already about 40 mistakes. Is it any option to correct them? Maybe it would be possible to join the team and improve the course. It would be great :).


Hi - sorry for what might be a very stupid question - I love the course - but it is nit possible to type in capitals and lowercase for the alphabet lessons and it does not recognise my phonic keyboard - so now its copy and paste - any other keyboards possible - right from the alphabet lesson its a problem