Duolingo Afrikaans Course

I have started creating an Afrikaans course, using Memrise, following the Duolingo style. It is called the Duolingo Afrikaans Course, and is incomplete, but listed as public, and I need more contributors to help me. I have completed the first 35 skills, but 15 more are still in wait. Comment below if you would like to help me make this course.
COURSE LINK: https://www.memrise.com/course/2236348/duolingo-afrikaans-course/

That’s awesome! I’ve created Afrikaans in the Memrise-official style:

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That’s awesome! Maybe two and two could be put together? I would love to help create more of your Memrise Courses in the style of, well, Memrise! Can I help you, you help me? These 2 will be great together! Vocabulary and Basics and phrases in mine, and phrases and essentials and the good lot in yours! May I add you to contribute? @Rody?