Downloading and importing word lists to a new course

Is it possible to download a word list and then import it to create your own course with your own settings?

This is a commonly requested feature. There is no way to do this that is provided by Memrise and the team has never showed any interest in making this a feature in the near future.

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You can use

I’m doing it all the time, but you need to learn how to use that website to extract stuff in mass and then to work a lot in Excel to adapt it to your needs.

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Heck, I just want to download the full list in the course I’m studying (all the levels in level 1, for example) so that I can print them and study them offline.

I’ve done a search of the threads on memrise, but come up with nothing (except install something or other or give something or other a code).

I want something that is as simple as opening the word list and clicking “print” on my browser.

The competitor Rosetta Stone offers this, even if you are not a paid subscriber (I’m a paid subscriber for Memrise and Rosetta Stone).