Download problem

(Feneis) #1

It is impossible to download large courses. My internet connection at the university is quite stable (iOS 12.1.4, Memrise, iPad (2018) 128 GB).

(Olaf Rabbachin) #2

This is a known problem and has been confirmed by Memrise. I have even come across a FAQ or help page, but I can’t seem to find it now.

(Diego Arias3bc2a62842) #3

This has been going on since last year and there is no official reply about it @OliviaZavala can we expect a fix soon? This is the only reason im currently paying a subscription and its a shame its not working



This thread may be of use:

My personal experience on my Android phone is that it is possible to download some large courses (5000 words+ with audio) and not others but requires many attempts.

However when I recently got a brand new Android tablet with literally Memrise being the only thing loaded on it I was able to download all courses first time with no issues at all. I would also make sure when downloading that you kill all other apps and background notifications and make sure nothing else is accessing the internet connection (this of course shouldn’t be necessary but definitely made a difference when downloading on my Android phone).

(Baite) #5

Thanks for your feedback. This is enlightening.
Would the whole course-download-problem be a resource issue? Something like running out of memory? So, basically a resource-management problem where the Memrise app takes up to much memory in some cases?



I doubt it is a resource issue. The Android phone where I have problems downloading has 6GB ram and 128GB storage, this is a lot more than the new Android tablet I bought (2GB ram and 32GB storage) which has no issues.

(Feneis) #7

New design, but still no fix.

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(Feneis) #8

I have been a paying costumer since 2015, and I actually need the offline-functionality. @kevin5284

(Kevin Memrise) #9

Hi @Feneis , sorry to hear you’re having trouble with offline mode.
Can you tell me which course(s) you have the issue with please?

(Feneis) #10

Most large courses.

(Kevin Memrise) #11

Ok thanks @Feneis. I’ve created a ticket for our iOS team to look into this.
Looking at the backlog of work it may be some time before we get around to improving offline mode but it will be there for the launch of the Decks mobile app at the latest