Double Spanish (Spain) 2 Memrise Courses

Why are there two Spanish (Spain) 2 courses? One of them, I’ve already completed. The other one showed up today. They have different content.

Hi @driftingarrow , I’m a user too :slight_smile:

Recently, Memrise has released new versions of some courses (particularly courses 1 & 2 of various languages and, in the case of the Japanese course, 0 & 1 & 2).

Those who already have the old course can keep it, and if you want, you can add the new one. There is no need to worry about having both versions because they have different links, so you will not lose anything if you have both added. The two versions have the same figure, but the old ones have a lighter color.

You can check which course is new by entering the courses page on the website. What appears on the courses page is always the most recent course.

You can read about it in the topic below:


I don’t have things sets to UK English and only the new Spanish 2 showed up on my page (without the new Spanish 1, French 1&2, German 1&2, Italian 1&2, or Japanese 1), but this does explain where it came from. I can see how all my 1&2 courses are lighter colored and checking the Courses page does show me the new ones. Thanks.

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About a month after the release of courses for British English speakers, courses for American English speakers also gained new versions.

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I see. It’s pretty buggy though that only one new course showed up and the rest didn’t, but this is good to know. Japanese 0 seems like a good idea because it’s a challenging language.

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