Does one know how to override

(Overlord Hydroptère) #1

the curent colour of the “listening skills” (without the “colour” adds from firefox addons site)? i am tired with fingering memrise lately

many thanks

(Kali Kaminski) #2

Hi there, this is a good question. You can change the color with the CSS “color” attribute. Here is a simple example. The following CSS rule will be applied to all HTML elements with the class “my-css-rule” as denoted by the “.”.

    color: blue;

There are lots of CSS selectors available depending on what you want to re-color. You can also use hexadecimal or RGB values. Please see the following examples.

    color: #ff0000;

    color: rgb(25, 55, 105);

For a list of different colors please visit the following page.

For more information on how to customize stuff on Memrise, visit this page instead.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #3

well, thanks but it does not work; since memrise changed apparently the building blocks of their script, one cannot edit individual elements, as it seems. And I do not not take css changes globally (i.e. for everything i surf with the laptosp i am memrising with) just because of memrise. Changing all the time back and forth is a very tiresome.

(Kali Kaminski) #4

You don’t have to change it globally. Just open the developer tools on the web browser that you are using and edit the element(s) you want. These changes will not affect other websites. Usually the hotkey for developer tools is F12. For example, this is what the developer tools menu looks like on Mozilla Firefox.

Go ahead and click the button that says “Inspector”. If you are using Google Chrome or another web browser it should be very similar. Look for the button and click on it. You can expand and work with the box on the right to change the style of the website. For example, you can change the text color like you asked for.

Another really cool feature available in most web browsers is the ability to click on individual elements using the inspector. To do that, just click the little button on the left that I’ve circled, and then click the element on the page you want to change. You can also just right click elements on the page and choose “Inspect…” or something similar in most web browsers (without even opening the developer tools)!

Above you can see it in action! It definitely works and I can show you how! You can always edit individual elements on a website. That is not something that Memrise controls, or has changed. :slight_smile:

(Aditya56) #5