Does memrise know how we learn?

(Samathome) #1

Hi, I want to discuss, if memrise know, how we learn.
I read feature requests with different and useful approaches how the user learn and how they want to improve the app. But mostly memrise implement features and options that no one uses or need. So what can we do to improve memrise in a way that helps us to learn languages and don’t annoy us?


(☄✨MemriseMasterSherwi✨☄) #2

Something to do with experiments on how memrise improves memory.

(Thomas Heiss) #3

Obviously the Memrise system and staff does not exactly know how I try to learn / review or why I have stopped reviewing for several PT BR Basic + PT BR 1-7 courses.

Do they actually count daily “learning / planting events” in their network like I have read how Lingvist does it?

Lack of “Overdueness” support and a missing course streak is definitely hurting my own motivation to get back on board.

I definitely need a better support to be able to effectively clear my backlog queues with “all typing” (no speed reviews, no multiple-choice, no given hints), kick-back the next intervals for words/sentences I still know (with longer SR breaks) and thrink the queue down to only those words/sentences which I really do not know and I want to further repeat in regular 4+12h review intervals and this needs to work for at least 5-14 days in a row!

I have no plans to waste my time clearing the wrong queue items or repeating known words over and over again on PT BR 1-7 just because the system refills too quickly the queue the next days / weeks.