Does Memrise Check Pronunciation?

Dulingo will listen to your pronunciation of words and check to see if you are speaking with reasonable accuracy. Does Memrise have this function?
I have just started the basic Italian but if the feature is available I would like to start using it straight away.

That kind of feature would require a lot of CPU cycles to handle all the myriads of voice variations. Maybe a human teacher is better just now.

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@TropuJampaPel19 @Capricornsailing

Actually Memrise has pronunciation feature in the Android app, though don’t know about iOS.

Hi Support
Thanks for the tip. Tried on the through the browser interface and worked fine. Can you choose the words or phases you wish to improve on?

I stand corrected? How well does it track, normal NLL voice recognition is fine but I would think millions of accents trying to mimic a specific newsreader voice would be very interesting as an engineering challenge.