Does anyone know how to make a mem?

Hello everyone! Can someone please tell me how to make a mem? Because I can’t figure it out. When I press the button “mems” it just says that I haven’t made any. I was expecting it to say “create a mem” or something. If you know how please let me know :blush:

Hi @KOTLC_Faith and welcome to the forum,

If you are using the web version in ‘learning’ mode, you will see a yellow “+ Add a mem” button the first time you are shown an item or following a wrong answer. If you are ‘reviewing’ items on the web version, you will be shown a selection of existing mems after giving a wrong answer. If necessary, use the left or right arrows until you see the mem creation option.

It’s similar if you are using the app version but you will need to scroll down to see the “Help me learn this” box when learning or reviewing.With the app, you can also open a ‘level’ page and tap on the word that you want to make a mem for. Then scroll down and tap on “Help me learn this”.

Any mems you make will then also show on your profile page.

Good luck!


Thank you @alanh! This really helped now I can make a mem,
I hope you have a good day! :blush: