Does anyone here use a gamepad for memrise

I would have made a reddit post but it seems like the mods there hate users, so I’m forced to post here.

Does anyone use a gamepad for memrise? I use anki for a lot of things and can use my android to remote control it with the pluginankimote. I was wondering for my memrise courses could I reasonably use a game pad? My issue would be the mouse as I am assuming I can bind the buttons to the numbers. I mostly do multiple choice on memrise using one of Cooljingle’s scripts.

Has anyone tried? My country is still under lock down (longest in the world!) and I’d rather not invest in a gamepad that:

  1. Doesn’t do what I want
  2. would take ages to get here, then return if 1. applies.

Not sure what you mean with gamepad, but you can use any device that runs iOS or Android as Memrise offers apps for those two. The Android app seems to be better resp. has some functions that the iOS one doesn’t, so that would be my recommendation. I use both an Android tablet and my cell every day.

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Thanks for the answer! I meant a gamepad as in a controller for video games. It seems really popular for gamified learning. I like to kick back and use the couch. I’d use the android app but I lose my user scripts. Thanks again! Still looking for gamepad users (video game controllers).

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I think you’d probably have to set up key bindings in Windows so that pressing X on the gamepad translates into pressing 1 on the keyboard, Y translates to 2, A translates to 3, etc.

The last time that I tried to set up custom key bindings in Windows, though it was not fun, and it required programming experience. I don’t think I ever got it working.

Firefox Nightly on Android supports userscripts, though, so you could give that a shot :slight_smile:

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