Do you think dating an Italian woman will be helpful to learn Italian?

Just curious if anyone of you used dating app/site or simply get acquainted with a woman/man from Italy or any other country and learned their language dating with this person

We all learn something from the persons we’re talking with. I like discovering people and their culture, this always opens new discussions and keep you talking. That’s something that all people love to talk about, they like to tell stories. That’s perfect for dating. I learned a few German words while dating with a girl from there. I’m afraid to write them here to not make grammatical mistakes.

I guess the only place where you can internationally find Italian girls is Brilic. There’s the category of Italian singles. There I found Monica - a gorgeous girl. She lives in Italy, I’m in Great Britain, but Brilic made us meet. Our first date was in Paris. How many of you would go to another country for a first date? When you don’t know her real personality, when you don’t if she’s the one for you. In Paris, we’ve stayed for one week. While being there, we learned a little bit of French and I learned some Italian. Did you know that when you’re in love every activity is easier? Love boosts your memory, your energy, your mood, and your overall health. So, yep, I’ve been with an Italian girl with which I’ve learned not only the Italian but also French. I hope you’ll find yours on

This is the easiest way to learn a language!

Well, of course, I think it’s possible. But I’m against Dating a girl in order to get some benefit from her. And I probably wouldn’t do it because of my moral principles. I’m for love. So it will be great if there are real feelings between you. And as a bonus for her is that she will be able to improve her English with you . Especially if you use quotes from Urban family talk to communicate with her. And she, in her turn, will teach you Italian. So, I have heard that Italian girls are very beautiful, well- mannered, economic, caring and they are very good at preparing dishes of their country. Because they take recipes from their grandmothers and they learn this from childhood… Thus, I don’t think you want to leave a girl who matches my description… Because such a girl is every guy’s dream.