Do you have fish photos to contribute? [Tropical Coral Reef Fish]

As I continue working on I’m always looking for new sets of species-identified tropical fish photos I can use in the course. If you’ve taken a lot of photos of tropical fish and are willing to let me add your photos to the course (and would be willing to let me use those same photos in other courses or different versions of this course elsewhere if I ever do that), please let me know!

I realize that people reading this may also be tempted to recommend web sites to me. Most web sites don’t offer permission to use their photos, of course, so I would have to ask for permission, which often takes time and effort. It’s only worth doing that if the site has a large number of photos, that are sorted or searchable by species, and where the species are identified. I’ve already written to some sites like that, and gotten permission from two of them, but not from the others. I tried writing a bunch of sites when I first started this course, over a year ago, but it’s not something I’m putting much effort towards now because the return on my time got low after the first few. Most web sites that have lots of underwater photos are much too hard for me to use, either because they have fancy gallery software meant for slideshows, or the majority of their photos aren’t fish and it takes time to find the fish, or because they don’t label their fish by species, or even if they do, don’t make it possible to find all the photos of a particular species unless you search through lots of albums one by one.

That said, if you know of a web site I’m not using yet (and it’s not, who already said no), that is easily usable and that you believe would grant permission or you have contact info for, let me know.

However, I’m posting here mainly to find people who have their own photos or know someone else who does, who would be willing to give me a bunch of photos under creative commons, public domain, or just just your own copyright plus explicit permission to copy, modify, use them for educational purposes like this.

(modify: I may need to crop photos, or add arrows, or adjust brightness, to make a photo better suitable for the course)